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Village Entrepreneurships Promotion Program (VEPP)

Description of project: “Village Entrepreneurships Promotion Program (VEPP) livelihood cum enterprise development programme”

Implementing Agency: Over 2 years (24 months) to support 150 beneficiaries in the Haridwar district around the Paradise school looking at Pottery, Embroidery, Weaving, Agar Batti & Dhoop making. (April 2022 – March 2024)

  • Support 150 artisans/entrepreneurs for two years;
  • Set up an ERC Enterprise Resource Centre;
  • Improve livelihood prospects of students passing out of Paradise school;
  • Doubling the income of artisan/Farmers/entrepreneurs in the location;
  • Increasing fund flow into eco system through loans or subsidies;
  • Ensure sustainable action through branding and marketing support
Activity Description:
  • Identification of clusters - First step of the project is to identify artisans or farmers or people in other vocations from the intervention area.
  • 2. Enterprise based Survey – After the selection of intervention area, we conduct demand and supply gap survey in terms of skill sets available with the manpower, items being produced, demand in any locally or otherwise, challenges being faced etc.
  • Detailed community assessment – Based on the finding of the survey next step is to assess the community to engage them to help them in setting up of enterprise. This process helps us build a potential data base of beneficiaries in the program.
  • Setting up ERC (Enterprise Resource Centre) – ERC is the nerve centre of all activities. ERC is a physical space that will be set up to provide support to enterprise related to upskilling, branding, backward and forward linkages, distribution, marketing, funding management, quality control, etc.
  • Conducting Capacity building programme – for beneficiaries for about three months comprising soft skills, enterprise development & vocation specific theory & practical sessions.
  • Financial Assistance for entrepreneurs – Once the individual is shortlisted next step is to prepare their enterprise plans with them to ensure they are eligible for financial assistance or subsidy through local RRB, NBFC and concerned govt department.
  • Setting of Enterprise – beneficiaries are then supported to set up the enterprise which includes planning for procurement, setting up of machinery and getting the manpower to start producing.
  • Branding and Marketing support – This is by far the most important area where in Prayatna will be supporting enterprises to ensure that the produce is of a certain quality and the same is sold. Branding and marketing efforts made at the ERC will ensure this.
  • Hand holding to ensure Self Sustained Enterprise – ERC will hand hold projects to ensure enterprises are able to sell, realize profits and plough them back to business. This is a long-term approach that requires patience and quality technical support.
  • Exposure visits – To be conducted regularly as an on-going activity.
Outcome of the Project
  • At least 70% of beneficiaries will be women
  • 80% of new Enterprises that will be set up will be running sustainably at the end of project period.
  • Minimum increase in income levels to twice the baseline values
  • 80% of beneficiaries will demonstrate better knowledge in digital and financial literacy
  • Fund inflow into the eco system through loans, subsidies etc., to be twice the amount contributed by project
  • Demonstrated reduction in urban migration
  • Improved financial literacy and savings by at least 80% of beneficiaries
  • Improved life skills and understanding of rights and gender
  • Mainstreaming of products developed in these locations on e-commerce platforms and other physical locations in Delhi (Dilli Haat, Sunder Nursery, Ansal Plaza etc.) and other metros.
Implementing Agency:

“Prayatna” Noida, a non-profit organization in India working on issues related to education, health, livelihood, youth development, sustainable development and disaster management for more than a decade.