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  • To promote and increase exports of all kinds of sugar and sugar by-products [including molasses etc.]
  • To represent to Government and other authorities on sugar policy.
  • Promotion of trade, business and the sugar industry.
  • To undertake market studies related to sugar and its by-products.


  • ISEC is a large scale exporter of sugar and sugar by-products. ISEC is served by a team of dedicated professionals with expertise developed over several decades of work and experience.
  • ISEC has pioneered export of Indian sugar to new destinations and is the only organization in the country where funds generated through sugar exports are utilized for the welfare of the sugar industry.
  • Striving towards the welfare of the Indian sugar industry and its key stakeholders, ISEC has worked tirelessly to develop international market and network with key global players, to ensure domestic sugar gets a good international market, and to stabilize domestic sugar prices especially during surplus sugar production years.
  • ISEC works in close knit with ISMA & NFCSF and has provided key inputs to the Government for formulation of important sugar policies, beneficial to the sugar industry.

Other Activities of ISEC:-

  • Satellite Mapping: Every year ISEC commissions satellite mapping of sugarcane crop in India on pan India basis for acreage assessment, yield estimation and harvest reporting of sugarcane.
  • ISEC maintains seamless communication with Railways, Port Authorities and destination countries, to ensure smooth export of sugar from India.