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IT & Infrastructure support for girl child education

Description of project: IT & Infrastructure Support for Girl Child Education

Implementing Agency: Direct


To undertake project involving girl child education initiatives that help girls from economically and socially disadvantaged/under privileged backgrounds in a government or a semi-government school.

To help with IT based infrastructure, science lab materials, library support through curriculum and other books and sports equipment.

To enhance the quality of education for the girl students, the following infrastructure support provided

  • Smart class with 50’ TV and software
  • Basic IT Lab with computers
  • Science Lab materials including consumables and chemicals.
  • Books for library including those related to curriculum and cultivating reading habits.
  • Sports equipment appropriate for use in the schools/hostels.

The following four Government Girls Inter Colleges (GGIC) and one Girls Hostel are the beneficiaries:

  • Government Girls Inter College, Iqbalpur
  • Government Girls Inter College, Buggawala
  • Government High School, Shahidwala Grant
  • Government High School, Lalwala, Majbata
  • Kasturba Gandhi Girls Hostel, Buggawala
Activity Description:
  • Smart Class – This initiative aimed to enhance the learning experience by integrating technology and interactive content into the Smart Classroom setups, as per the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) curriculum.
  • Science Labs – Providing students with hands-on practical experiences and enabling them to explore scientific concepts through experimentation.
  • Libraries – With the aim of fostering reading habits among students and recognizing the importance of literature and the role it plays in enhancing knowledge and critical thing skills, these libraries provide students with access to a diverse collection of books.
  • Teacher’s training - Teacher training programmes were also conducted as part of the initiatives undertaken. The aim was to enhance the pedagogical skills and digital literacy of the teachers, enabling them to effectively utilize the smart classrooms setups and science laboratories.
  • Content-specific skills –
    1. Understanding Social and Emotional Learning through gamified activities
    2. Learning storytelling and improvisation to aid with their facilitation skills.
    3. An explanation of digital skills.